Inverter Settings

Hi All

Received my huanyang inverter and spindle last week and all worked well on the bench when I tested it.

I think I’ve messed up the parameters and now it won’t start. I then did a factory reset thinking it worked when I got it. But no it’s not having anything

Can anybody help please.

How To Install A CNC Spindle - Part 1 - YouTube
How To Install A CNC Spindle - Part 2 - Wiring To The Controller - YouTube

Very useful, I’d not noticed that you closed PD000 with a 1 before, but i’d got all the other parameters set.

Following the video though I’ve noticed a problem with my Modbus status compared to the video, my doesn’t say OK in the status and says “timedout” see picture.

Anybody know what I’ve possible done wrong here

Hi All,

Still can’t figure out why the RS485 wont work on my new vfd/spindle so opted to put the vfd controller in a convenient place until I get it sorted,