IOT Relay questions

Hi all,

I have an IOT Relay and have the router connected to it.
Haven’t run it through an actual job yet but I have been successful in turning the router on and off using the MDI commands.

Are there any issues in connecting the controller to the Always On plug on the relay? Will this cause interference as some people have mentioned on here when everything is connected to the same circuit?


Hi Stephane - I’ve done both without a problem. But, YMMV as always.


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Be careful to insure the amperage rating of your IOT relay will handle the current draw of your router. otherwise you run the risk of an electrical fire.
i’m presently designing a similar control which will power the router and with a delay also start the vacuum dust collector. The full envision will include a traffic light to show the machines status, just like the big boy’s or girl’s for that matter do.

Good luck I’ll post project progress as I get it going.

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Yes, great point John. I failed to mention you should derate your relay by about 50% if you are using a large inductive load - aka, a shop vac. Example, if your relay is rated for 15amps, you should not drive more than a 7amp inductive load.

I’ll be posting a video this weekend about my controller and some my design considerations.