I’m about to order the Iot relay and the breakout board to turn the router on using the play button. I noticed somewhere on here, that people were saying that they can also control their shop vac as well. Would this not overload the circuit? The IoT relay says that it’s only rated for 12 amps. So are you guys using more equipment/different equipment to accomplish this? IVac? Does anyone have pictures of their setup using the router and dust collector/shop vac together?

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You could incorporate one of these which would allow another circuit: IoT Power Strip – PwnCNC


I have the IoT, but have not hooked it up yet. There are a lot of times when I want to use my shop vac when I am not doing a carve. I installed this Wireless Remote Plug on mine, and it works like a champ. Totally independent of the IoT, hope this helps.

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Yes, same with me. I’m in the process of installing one of these so that I can switch the vacuum between the IoT outlet and the “Always On” outlet - should work:

It’s just so nice to have everything go off when the tool path finishes.

I posted here how this works: Tool Enable - M15 - & Breakout board (auto turn off/on router) - #112 by Atroz

Note that this is on a 20 Amp circuit. It would overload a 15 Amp circuit.

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That was my plan but that’s only rated for 12amps. My shop vac by itself is 12amps and the router is 6.5amp. I guess I could order two of these and wire them up on separate outlets, so they are on their own dedicated circuit.

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I actually have been using one of those for a bit on my table saw. I however use up batteries in those pretty quickly and I’m awful about losing the remote. It would be nice to have it setup where it will all turn on and off when the Goode is ran.

If you have a 20A circuit, do what I said above. The IoT switch is only switching on the 6.5Amp router. The load caused by that tells the vacuum to come on.

I have a 20amp circuit but I’m not following what you are saying. I also have a regular shop vac, not a festool that turns on automatically.

Ah. You need a vac that turns on with the tool. Festool, Fein (what I’m using), etc.

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Yeah, you would need two of them then, one for each circuit. I’m not 100% certain if the IoT wiring can simply go from the first one to the second? While I have some background in electrical, the IoT stuff is new to me.

The double-throw switch did finally solve my problems with not having full control over the vacuum without unplugging and plugging it in somewhere else.

  • I like the vacuum to power on/off automatically with the larger bits.

  • I don’t always want the vacuum to run automatically with smaller bits for long 3D tool paths.

  • I like to use the vacuum at times without a tool path running.

Thanks Craig. I might just order two of them and give it a try. Thanks everyone for the help. I’ll try it and post some pictures if everything works out.

That’s what I have works fine
Makita route and 1hp dust collector hf

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There should be a label somewhere o the router and the vac that will tell you how many amps and votage each item uses. If both of them together are less than 10 amps then it will work. I’m going to do the same thing to mine.

I meant if the router and vac combined need less than 10 amps. The voltage should be 110 /120 for each one.

Shop vac alone is 12A and the router is 6.5. I’m going to order two IoT relays and just run a pair of wires from the controller to turn them on. Then they will be on separate circuits.

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I’ve got the relay but haven’t installed it yet. I havent checked the amperage rating on the router and vacuum yet so thanks for the info. I miight just run the router with the relay and the vacuum manually. Thanks for the info.

Craig I have been trying to figure this out for a while. How did you wire this and what switch did you use? Have a link to one?

Tyler, this switch, two of these male cords, and one of these extension cords (cut the male off).

You have to think backwards… instead of one line-in and two loads with this switch you have two line-ins and one load. So far, the electricity doesn’t seem to care:

  • Load 1: IoT outlet,

  • Load 2: Always on outlet,

  • Line In: Vacuum, or whatever else you plug into the cord.


everything i can find on doing this references a 120v vacuum system and router. I have a 240v vac system and 120v router so cant use the IoT Switch that everyone seams to be using. Anyone had any experience with controlling a 240v vacuum system? Anyone have a recommended 240v SSR they have used?