Router On/Off - via Gcode

Hi All
Now that I’ve started to use my machine I realise it would be good to be able to start and stop the router via the gcode. and I’ve found this is available on Amazon UK.

Mains Switch Widget - Relay & Enclosure Bundle for Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, Arduino & PIC : Computers & Accessories

Has anyone used one of these and what are your thoughts on what I would need to do to make it work with the BoB.

Please note I’m useless electrically and need things breaking down to enable me to understand.

Thanks in advance.



Yes there have been many conversations around this topic for some time as well as some great solutions. Search the board for “Breakout Board”… and you will have plenty to read.


Thanks Alex

I did check out the Bob posts, just wanted to see if anyone had used this relay specifically


I’ve not used it and I would be very careful about the rating of the relay. Motors are inductive devices and need special consideration with relays. Most relays are designed for purely resistive loads. Recommend you derate any switch or relay by at least 50% for inductive loads. For a 6a router, you want at least a 12amp relay - 15 being better. Added a MOV on the load side is great protection as well - I used this one from Digikey, and a similar one from Amazon is also available. Hope this helps.


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