Router on/off control

I am designing my own router on/off control to be activated from pin 15 of the breakout box. Can anyone comment on the voltage/current sink/source capabilities of the controller through this pin? Thanks!

This might help~

Ron, thanks for the reply! I’ve got the parts to build a switch in my junk box, and free beats $30.00, especially after giving my bank account a hernia buying my machine. I just need to know what the Raspberry Pi switching parameters are so that I don’t strain the little darling. It would be nice if I could drive my relay directly, but I am prepared to use a transistor driver if I have to.

FYI - A Raspberry PI’s I/O and everything on the Buildbotics I/O is 3.3v and cannot tolerate 5v.

15ma source max. Recommend a level shifter or an optoisolator to protect the RPI.

Hi all,

My 2 cents.
We have had our machine now for a few months and I have the controller connected to the Always On plug on the IOT relay and we have not had any problems with it so far. The longest carve we did so far was about 2 hours but I don’t think running longer jobs would have any adverse effect.