Router turning on & off

I installed an IoT power controller and it is working great. Router turns on when I click play like it is supposed to. However, the router is getting turned off whenever it retracts for a movement, and then turns back on when it plunges.

Is it supposed to do this? I’m thinking this can’t really be good for the router, and it worries me that the router may not be completely back up to speed before it hits wood.

Any suggestions?

Go into your TOOL tab. At the bottom there’s 2 check boxes. One says rapid auto off I believe and the other says dynamic power if I remember correctly. Those are more for when using a laser so you’ll need to uncheck those, (disable) them.

Do you have a link to the controller that you purchased? Thanks.

Go on Amazon and type in IOT relay. It’s a black box with 4 outlets. 2 of the outlets are NORMALLY OFF, one is ALWAYS ON, and one is NORMALLY ON but turns off when the relay is switched on.

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That fixed it, thank you!

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No problem. Glad I could help.

Thank you. Much appreciated!

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Thanks. Much appreciated!

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