Is my tool setter a little too harsh

I’m confused why the tool setter flies back as the final stage of homing and seems to be slamming into the tool setter harder than I would think is normal. It appears for the most part to be accurate but I’m not sure this is the expected behavior I have not changed any of the speeds to the best of my knowledge homing is dog slow just this part seems harsh. And I have the feed speed set to 30 as per the doc.

And a second bonus question does the tool setter care if I zero initially off the bed or the top of the material?

Are you sure you have it set to 30 inch’s? That’s way faster.

Here is a screenshot from the system

Change the safe distance to a lower number. It looks like you are less than an inch above the setter.

Is a lower number a positive number or a negative number. What would he your suggestion?

Tool setting has nothing to do with material setup.

How does the machine know how high to start above the tool setter? Let’s say I have a surfacing bit that only sits an inch below the collet and then swap that out for a long bit that sits 3 inches below the collet. Is that the safe distance?

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All the tool setter is doing is generate a new offset… After you set you initial z probe point on the next
tool change the machine now knows the “offset” to the initial z point.


Negative number is how far down the spindle will go before starting the slow probe. So right now it’s going to go 1 inch at full speed before the slow probe. So start with -.5 to see if it will help. With your setup it probably should be between 0 and -.5.

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I set it to -0.25 and it was as I would have expected it so thank you that worked!


You still have to set your Z height at your bed or work piece. And the code needs to be references off that. You set your z height with a probe or your first bit, and as Woodpecker mentioned, the tool setter will calculate the difference (offset) for every bit change relative to the first.


Well, Thanks for this information. for the life of me i could not figure what the relevance of a tool setter was. with yours and woodpeckers simple explanation i now need to get one!


They’re a game-changer.

So I’m afraid I was completely ignorant to the actual function of the tool setter. I ordered one, being 99.9% certain that it could use it as a simple Z-probe on my Centroid Acorn. Functionally, a Z-probe is nothing more than a simple on/off switch. But thanks to @Espressomatic and @Woodpecker for revealing this information, and to @RJK75 and @KenA asking the right questions. I thought ‘toolsetter’ and ‘Z-probe’ were essentially the same thing, but thanks to this thread, the light bulb truly turned on. :bulb:

I am now more anxious than ever to receive my toolsetter. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to play with it until another month or 2, as my machine is completely packed up for an upcoming move.

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