Homing error since installed the tool setter

Continuing the discussion from Tool Setter Innacurate (solved, user error):

Here is where and how I have installed my tool setter.

X position: 1.09450 inch
Y position: 0.00000 inch
Z safe distance to tool setter: 0.00000

I have homing error since I did this. When I home, it goes to x 0 and Y 0 then head to X 1.0945 and then the homing button flash in Yellow telling Homing please wait. But nothing is happening.
What is wrong?

Having the same exact problem then the Z Motor error goes off. Any suggestions on how to correct it?

Something is happening, but it’s so slow you can’t even see it.
Change the tool zero feed rate to 30" instead of .03"

You’re telling it to go .03" per minute.

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