Is this normal? (loose grub screws on rail bearing)

I feel like there’s something off with the top bearing on the left side of my x rail. It’s reveal is about 1.25” more than the other 5 on this part.

I have only done a few test pieces, and I cannot remember if this is where it was upon assembly. I feel like I would have noticed something like this, but maybe I’ve just been too happy with the tests so far and I’ve avoided nitpicking!

I can’t say that it has affected performance, again because I am not really asking much of it yet, but I’d rather everything be in order as I step up demands.

It will rotate about the third rail, but it will not slide along the rail, just in case that helps anyone in diagnosis.

Should I/how do I remedy this?
Thanks for any help/guidance.

Yeah that isn’t right… @OnefinityCNC are there instructions for reseating the bearings? I don’t recall seeing this one before.

Looks like the grub screws came loose. Slide the bearing back in place and tighten them down:


Thanks for the response and picture with the details. I was able to get the bearing placed properly and everything tightened back down. Everything seems to be in working order so no damage done.

While I have your attention here, are there any places where you’d recommend using thread locking compound on any screws/bolts?

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