Question for those successful with X axis tramming screws

I am nearing completion of my upgrade, and will soon look to tram my spindle.
My question for those who used the X axis tramming screws successfully…

did you first loosen the two top screws on each side that lock the top tube into position?

Apologies if I missed this in the various posts on the topic of tramming screw usage.

Thank you.

Hi Tom - I’ve not used them; thus far, no need. I am curious how they work exactly though.


I literally just did this. I followed the instructions here. I just did the front, loosen one and tighten the other and then the same for the back. I only had to do one side. I turned small amounts; maybe 1/8 of a rotation for each bolt probably less, then tested again. Then another < 1/8. I’d say I did less than 1/4 rotation for each bolt.

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Thank you for responding. My specific question is whether you were able to do this without loosening the two topmost screws that hold the tube in place, not the top two tramming screws.

I didn’t touch any other screws.

Thank you for the information.