Tramming X axis

I was never completely happy with the hand setup of the router. I have become particularly frustrated with the finish of pockets. So I bought a square spindle.

Tramming the Y axis was easy (I corrected more than 1 degree of tilt) but I found the screw travel in the X axis is too limited. I am at 0.4 degrees in the X axis and I cannot tighten the screws more.
In my quick test, the finish has improved dramatically (I think the Y axis made a big difference) but I’d like to improve the X axis. I am wonder whether I should swap for longer screws.

I used up all the crew travel after adding 6 layers of kitchen aluminum foil to the feet.

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Thanks, it’s reassuring and I feel less lonely with this problem :blush:
I was wondering if I should swap longer screws. Didn’t get around to trying it yet.