X-50 Video - Install, Tramming, and Initial Thoughts

Hello everyone - comments of @OnefinityCNC I received and early version of the X-50 that I finally installed and completed a video for. Hopefully you find it informative! Feedback and questions are welcome.



Great review of the X-50 upgrade. I am curious about the tramming bolts you mentioned that are on the X-50, and I believe you said are also on the original X axis. Can you provide a closeup shot and explain how these are used to adjust front-to-back tramming? My machine is fine side to side but is off slightly front to back, and I’ve been trying to decide the best way to adjust.

Thank yo for the video and congrats on becoming a Beta tester!


Thanks Mike!

Carroll - I need to look at the old Y carriage, but you should just tighten the lower to push it forward, and tighten the upper to push it back - you might have to loosen the back side bolts while you tighten the front side.