Issues in changing drill bits

Hi all,
I’m a newbie.
My problem is to change correctly the drill bits from roughing to finishing.
I use carveco maker for 3d carving. When the infinity software ask me to change the drill bit how can the machine know the correct length of the bit? How to set Z value?
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Firstly: Onefinity advice is to have only one tool per gcode file. You can have many paths in a gcode file (e.g. pocket and profile) but not different tools (end mills).

Secondly: the machine does need to know the distance between the tool and the reference point.

We have two options:

(1) the usual route is to always reprobe z after the tool change to the reference point for the tool path.

(2) ensure the distance from the end of the new tool is exactly like the previous tool, which can be achieved using a jig, like the speed setter, SpeedSetter easy Collar Set Tool – PwnCNC.

My workflow:

Always one tool per gcode file. I am set up to do option (2), but to date, I have always used (1).

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