Jackpot! ...I made a slot machine

I am continuing the additions to my game room with a virtual slot machine. It has 10 games to choose from and a real Bally slot machine arm with a very satisfying feel.

And a quick video with the machine on “Auto Play.”


Some additional info and photos about the process.

The frame is built from 3/4" birch plywood.

Grooves cut into outside edges for T-molding.

Sealed with enamel and polycrylic.

Button “dashboard” laminated with Formica.

I stole the LED sign idea from @Aurich’s vampire sign. Mine is not nearly as cool, but I think it turned out pretty well for my first attempt. I accidentally rounded out a few of the corners trying to widen the through-holes a bit, but it’s not really visible in the final product.

The red and yellow are a bit hard to see in the photos above due to the camera, but it looks like this in person.

Speaker grille, made from layers.

Wiring, from the back.

Finish panels and Z-brackets.

The acrylic panels on the front are 1/4" thick.

I created the cabinet graphics from existing stock resources. Printing was done by GameRoomSolutions. They were reasonable and fast. Tina was great to work with.

Thanks for looking.


Nice work! Beautiful game room!



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Looks great, happy my project could contribute in some way.

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Sweet. What did you use for the neon look on the “MULTI SLOTS” lettering?

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I used the following 12V strips in both red and yellow. It has cut marks every 1cm and is very flexible. You can also cut the silicone slightly longer than the internal LED strips as needed to fill gaps. Was easy enough to solder. There are only 2 contacts (12V DC+/-) as the color is pre-determined, so no data line to mess with.

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More talented than I. Well done looks awesome.

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Thanks. But nothing I did here is too crazy. At its simplest, this is just a collection of small projects combined to make a bigger one. You have some great-looking projects too, and I’m sure you could make something like this if you wanted.

Nicely done. Part of my reasoning for buying my Journeyman was to eventually build my own pinball machine. that’s pretty far down the list so far but love seeing examples in the same vein.


Thanks. I also built the pinball machine and arcade pedestal in the photos above. But this was before I upgraded to the Onefinity. I hope I don’t get in trouble for posting links to a different CNC vendor’s forum, but I’ll add them here for reference if you would like to take a look or get ideas.

I imagine some of the links in the posts are no longer valid, but I will be around if you decide to move forward with your project and will do my best to answer any questions. Much of the virtual pinball community moved to discord shortly after I built my machine due to one of the main websites shutting down over personal grievances, and I haven’t really touched the software since.


I’ve thought about a virtual machine but have been working on sketches and design for some time for a fully analog machine, two of them actually. One Fifth Element Themed and another Beasty Boys music themed machine. I’d can design and build but when I dig in will need a programming partner and if I’m honest, electronics help. Thanks for the offer for help and the links.

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That is just spectacular!

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Wow. that is amazing. I would love to play with that

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