Jessem Pow-R-Tek SR

I have just come across the new router from Jessem.
Jessem is a well-know router table manufacturer and the product has some features that could make it interesting on the 1F, including the control box. However they don’t specify the diameter of their router so I don’t know whether it’s compatible with our machine.
If anyone has information on this product, I’d be curious to read more.

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I have a JessEm router table with their new router mounted in it… it’s a bit difficult to accurately measure the diameter without pulling it out of the lift. My best effort shows it about 4.2 inches in diameter. Also, it weighs about 15 pounds. It runs smooth but it’s not quiet (as spindles are). it’s a brushed motor. It’s not an inexpensive router ~ $500. You’d be better off buying an 80mm spindle motor & drive.


Their site says "Our new Pow-R-Tek SR (Spindle Router) Motor has a powerful 3-1/4hp, 4.2 diameter motor "

4.2" would be about 107mm. Not going to fit.


Thanks, I had missed that.