Journeyman CNC Table progress

Don’t worry everyone, I just ran out of wood! I’m definitely open to suggestions however.

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If you want to reply with your length, height and width, I will draw up a quick plan for a sturdy construction. I’ll post it on here over the weekend



This is what the end result will look like, I’m actually modifying the center area. The legs will be directly under the feet of the CNC.

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very cool - mind sharing your file?

Sure, what format do you need?

Fusion would be great but will take whatever is easiest - thank you.

Send me your email and I’ll send it to ya.

I bought the QCW with the leveling feet so it should be fine.

Hey Paul,

In ancient times (up to the 1950’s) this often was cured by letting the wood soak with linseed oil (pure, without drying agents) which polymerizes entirely. This was made with table tops of workbenches and also with wooden hand planes of all sizes and of course wooden measuring tools. Young cabinetmakers were taught to Iay their new planes into a bath of linseed oil for a week or until it sinks[1,2]. Drying of course takes very long then.

I have made very good experience with using this, e.g. applying linseed oil on a table top made of lumber so often that the oil comes out on the underside after a certain time. Drying for two monthes, and the table top did never expand, shrink, or warp anymore.

That’s a good idea.


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Hey Auntjemimma,

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