Journeyman enclosure concerns (sagging)

Good morning all,

I am about to begin planning/build on an enclosure for my inbound X-50 Journeyman. With it being just over 61" wide, combined with space for the controller, etc, I am planning on making the enclosure roughly 48" deep, 72" wide, and 18 or so inches deep.

My concern, and my request for feedback/ideas is that at 72" wide, how would I go about preventing sag in the middle of the enclosure since it’s so wide?

My initial thoughts would be some sort of aluminum/steel shelf bracket in the middle (and maybe a couple more for good measure) but I’m honestly concerned that those might get in the way of hoses and other stuff.


Simple solution might just be a 2x4. An 8 foot 2x4 does not sag and you only need 6 feet. Or depending on the design of your enclosure make the top a thin torsion box.

I think it really depends on the enclosure layout. How many doors, how do they open, etc.

I’d second the recommendation for a torsion box, even at 6" high they are rigid and won’t deflect much. I built one for my woodworker and will build another one for the journeyman upgrade. There are tons of videos on youtube explaining how to make one - might be worth a look.

I 3rd the recommendation for a torsion box. I’m thinking about doing one as well (well, a couple of them ;))

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