Journeyman wire management

Hey John,
They call me Greg, thanks so much I’ll be printing these in a minute, God Bless

Hey Greg,

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you can create a link this way: After you’ve clicked “Reply” or “New Message”, you are in the message compositor window, there you can click on the little symbol that looks like two chain links. Then appears a popup with two fields: In the upper field you paste or drag an internet address like the one in your address bar or like you get when you right-click on an internet object and do “copy”. And in the lower field you type a text that you want the link to appear as.

If you want to know more about the functionality of this forum, write a New Message (a blue “New Message” button in your profile page) to the user named “discobot” (with any subject, it’s a bot you write to), and in the message field you write “start tutorial” or “start advanced tutorial”. You will then be addressed by the forum’s bot that leads you through some messages that present different features of the forum and makes you use them.

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Thank you once again

I wouldn’t extend any cables but replace with longer ones. The less connection the better

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