Journeyman wire management

not sure if this been covered , I upgraded from woodworker to the journeyman, for the woodworker I had the drag chains etc. which helped great however now for the longer journeyman what are we doing for wire management?

Same… drag chains with aluminum angle for support across the X axis.


Almost looks brand new… :wink:

Right on that sounds great ty

Same double drag chains and Rowdy Roman hose boom.

I have a similar setup as this. Did you have to make up new wire for your steppers or did the existing wire still reach? I have the Woodworker with a spindle so I have wire and water tubes in the current drag chain. I did buy more wire, tubing and another drag chain to extend in case I needed to. My Journeyman kit won’t arrive for several months so I’ve got time to line everything up.

New wires are a must. The distance is much further with the drag chains. I made my own but to be honest I could have saved money buying the ones off Etsy from Route 1 wood designs.

I ended up purchasing three 1m lengths of 4010 drag chain. Two sticks of 8 foot aluminum angle were sufficient because I did not use any to support the Y drag chain. I simply affixed the end to the table.


Thanks! I already have rails and chain on my X-Axis but figured I would need new aluminum and wire due to the extra length of the Journeyman tubes. I make my own as well. I don’t care for the small plugs but prefer the shielded cable, especially for the spindle.

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I must ask another question if I may I I use the same exact drag chain setup as muddy feet did
In the

Has anyone considered drag chains

My question then is All I’ll need to do is buy longer aluminum for that X access and wire extensions am I correct once again thank you my journeyman upgrade should be here Tuesday

Hey Greg,

you can insert a link to the posting you meant with the little “two chain links” symbol in the compositor window, that gives this result:

Sure, since the both Y rails remain the same, but also more drag chain links for the longer X.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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You may find that extensions don’t work/fit well with the drag chains which is why I and many others have made new cables or bought longer ones.
Specifically the union between the two cables.

Hey Brassarrow,

you are right, I just realized Greg in fact wrote “wire extensions”, I missed that when reading for the first time. I did not mean wire extensions, just extended wires.

(if you know me you know what I think of these Cable Connectors Used on the Onefinity, I wrote about it here so of course I would never recommend to add more of them :slight_smile:)

Greg, sorry my fault, I meant:

a longer Aluminium and more drag chain links for the X rail, and (new) extended wires for Z stepper and for the router.

Also if you ever plan to use a spindle you should plan a thicker cable of up to 12 mm diameter, perhaps two 8 mm water cooling hoses, a thinner cable for a light that some people put around the spindle, maybe sensor cables for upgrading to inductive proximity sensors as limit switches, all in all with a drag chain of 15 x 50 mm you are safe for any later additions, but I have seen many are satisfied with 15 x 40 mm, or 15 x 30 when using air-cooled spindle.

Also since these cables are moving cables, there always should be a strain relief at the begin and the end of every drag chain, this prolongates cable life. I’ve seen that it is often omitted in a DIY environment. Also spacers between each cable/hose helps prolongate cable life.


Just released received the journeyman upgrade with it first impression is wow also that came with it and the only thing that came as a small Ziploc bad sort of with which appears to be an extension I don’t know what that’s for yet

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Hey Greg,

no longer cable for the right Y stepper (M1) with it?

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Yep that’s what it is it says Y1 on it I take it the Z axis is included so will there be further cables I need I’m not running a spindle

Hey Greg,

just to understand it right: You already have a Onefinity Woodworker with drag chains installed?

Yes same as muddy feet puts out.

Hey Greg,

I assume you mean Drag Chain Cable Raceway for Onefinity CNC - Thingiverse. It is good style to link what you mention.

:question: Did Michael “muddyfeet” confirm that his 3D-printed parts fit the larger X-50 assembly?

So after you’ve received the Journeyman X-50 upgrade assembly now I think you better see what you need to replace. So when upgrading your 32″×32″ Woodworker to 48″×32″ Journeyman with your new X-50 rail, you should be able to reuse

  1. The cable to left Y stepper (M2).
  2. The cable to X stepper (M0) which already is in the left drag chain

but you would need to make new

  1. The cable to the Z stepper (M3)
  2. The cable to the router

and to buy longer aluminium profiles and more chain links for your X drag chain.

Great points
I will check with Muddy feet to see if these fit thank you for letting me know to add link and post if you could help me I’ve been trying I can’t figure that out how to do it thank you

Not all the parts fit. @JimAlex made some modified versions. (Thanks again Jim)
Modified Drag Chain Cable Raceway for X-50 OneFinity CNC by JimAlex - Thingiverse

Here is a thread regarding the topic.
X-50 Modified parts for Drag Chain Cable Raceway for Onfinity CNC - Files - Onefinity CNC Forum