Journeyman X50 cutting size


I ordered the Journeyman .
Is it possible to find a drawing with the cutting area on it?
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Thank you for your answer.
I am sorry that my question lacks somethig.
I am making a drawing of the bed as below.
The size of the cutting area is know, but the location where the cutting starts and ends are unknow.
Can I get a drawing with a hole and cutting area to fix the X50?
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The cutting size is 32.125" deep and 48.125" wide. The actual X/Y 0,0 is going to be a little dependent on your installation and your machine’s homing. If you’re looking to make a spoilboard it is better to get the 1F setup and then find the extreme edges of the cut area by using a V-bit to scribe an outline of the machine’s limits on the spoilboard. If you make the board 33x49 you will have a bit of extra margin to be able to place it between the Y-rails without worrying about finding the exact 0,0. You could also run the V-bit at the far left and forwardmost positions and run it down on your bench. That will give you a square corner to place your spoilboard on. Then the left front corner will be 0,0.

But a slightly oversized spoilboard is fine - when you flatten it with a standard surfacing bit you can flatten past the 0,0 of the machine as that just needs to be set for the center of the bit/router and you’ll have a 1 1/4 or 1 1/2" bit which means your bit can actually “reach” further than the router can.

Then when you do a line or grid on the spoilboard, you can line up your project material on the true 0,0 corner on the spoilboard. Define the spoilboard grid with a 32.125x48.125 project size, home the machine and then run the grid. You can also set your project to 0 off the center point and using the MDI function in the 1F controller, home the machine and send it to X=24.0625 Y=16.0625 and then set that as X/Y 0,0 before running your grid cutting.

Dear JimHatch,

Thank you for the detailed explanation.
The way you explained will be possible after the X50 I ordered arrives.
I am going to design a vaccum bed before the X50 arrives.
As 1F recommended, I would like to make a vaccum bed by digging cutting area into a 72 X 49" MDF.
If I can know the cutting start and end point, I can design a vaccum board by 1" shorter than the cutting area.
It is not from an English speaking country, so the English explanation is lacking.

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I measured mine and it’s likely to be very close to yours - close enough for your purpose.

If you measure from the corner of the left front Y axis mount, the 0,0 point is 5/8" back and 1 7/8" from the left of the corner of the shoulder on the mount where the vertical side starts its slope toward the left.

Thank you for your answer.
It helped me a lot.
I will contact you when X50 arrives and everything is done.
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