Jtech laser only 7w or will others be offered

Hi I am wondering if onefinity are you only offering the 7 watt laser or will you be our friend the different sizes that are available from jtech my purpose for laser would be image Engraving it is my understanding that the lower wattage the 2.8 does better for image engraving than the 7 Watt if I am wrong please somebody chimed in and educate me thank you

We will only be selling the 7w laser.

I was wondering the same thing and came across this https://jtechphotonics.com/?product=high-resolution-ar-coated-lens

Yes as far as I know if we purchase laser from onefinity it comes with that lens also I had called jtech asking if their other lasers would fit on the mount and if they’ll be making the mount available to us because I’m interested in doing images and all their video show a lower wattage a 2.8 doing images but he told me that the 7-watt will come with this lens and that later they may make it available to us

any watt laser watt jtech sells should fit the mount. Our laser will come with the high res lens.

Amen, that’s good news, it leaves options open
Are you going to offer mount as a separate purchase