JTECH Lens Included with 7W Pro from OneFinity

Does anyone know for certain which lens is being shipped with the 7W Pro? The list of features shows “high resolution,” and the description shows a resolution of .01mm. .01mm is the resolution for the “high efficiency” lens. The “high resolution” lens has a resolution of .007. Either I’m misreading the description on OneFinity’s page or I’m confused. Actually, both are likely - I’m old as dirt.



I AM old. I’m replying my own question. Here’s the answer, direct from JTECH:


The lens included in the Onefinity laser package is the high resolution lens. It is the upgraded lens option offered from J Tech.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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So you didn’t misread it, it’s the description that is inaccurate
with regard to the resolution value of 0.01mm vice 0.007mm.

Now is all they need is to come up with air assist…