Jump to line discrepancy

Having moved from aluminum machining to longer cuts on wood, I decided to test out Masso’s Jump To Line feature.

I noticed, as did another forum member - Ken - in March, that the sequence shown in the ‘how to’ video and documentation does not match what actually happens.

We are told/shown the spindle RPM comes on near the beginning of the process, when in fact it is the last thing to happen. I share this because some, like myself, might think it is not working, and to prepare you for when you see your end mill move down to touch your workpiece and the spindle has yet to turn on.

Ken had to date not received a reply but I did the other day when I confirmed his observations. I was told Masso is aware of this and has a ticket for it, and that it will be changed in the next software release - somehow the order was changed in a past update.

Hoping this prevents any anxious moments for those using this valuable feature - it works perfectly otherwise, which is the most important thing.

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Is a suitable interim work around hit the start spindle cw button?

I believe I tried that and it did not work/allow it.

Interesting, i would have thought that since you were out of the program before hitting start you could, then when you hit start it would just proceed with the built in pause to allow for spin up.

Thanks for the heads up on the bug. I haven’t been able to do anything meaningful with my elite yet, and was interested in using this feature when i finally get to

It might be the way it is designed to work in a very controlled and purposeful (and safe?)manner.

Once ‘start from line’ is pressed and the parameters are loaded and checked, and ‘run’ is pressed, you need to press cycle start for each subsequent axis movement until the Z is in place and the spindle starts. It probably protects against the user making changes that may be problematic to the loaded job.

Even if they change it back to the spindle rotation starting earlier in the process, my guess it will still lock you out of any input other than the cycle starts that move through the sequence.

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