Just a small project

My friend’s son plays D&D (dungeons and dragons). I had no idea what this was. Apparently I have been living under a rock. lol. Any way I 3D printed a dice tower for him, then realized he had a lot of different dice. So I figured I would use up some of the random scrap in my shop and throw together a little box for him to carry every thing in. I ended up using some 0.5" plywood, poplar, and a couple of pieces of Webwood for pulls, that I had. I used to Jtech laser on the lid for the pic.

I also used the laser to carve this, I guess, kind of Celtic dragon.

To make the dividers, I used the cnc to carve, well basically a big T and glued the pieces in place.
Also lined the bottom with some leather that was left over from another project.

A couple of magnets to hold the lid closed.
Nothing all that impressive. To be honest running the laser on the lid for the photo and waiting for glue to dry were the longest parts of this build. Now though, he can carry his dice, pencils, and dice tower all in one box. Oh and I used some oak dowel rod to insure the this thing doesn’t just fall apart when he drops it. I mean, teenager, he is going to drop it. lol.
To me I threw this together in an afternoon out of random scrap in my shop. Seeing that kids face when he came by with his dad to pick up though. You would have thought it was made of pure gold. lol.
To be honest, after seeing that young mans reaction I wished I had actually put a little effort into to this project. Gotta tell you though, it made my week. lol.