Witcher show inspired box

So my buddy needed a way to store/ present a couple of knives for his daughter. Some sort of cosplay thing I think he called it “Renfare”, I don’t know. We got to talking about what he thought she would like. She likes the Witcher show, and thought the chest they showed in the first season was “so cool”. He wanted to look like it had a little history to it, not all polish. So I have a CNC, and a Laser. Let the fun begin. To be honest the only work the Onefinity did was with the Jtech laser, all the design work was done with the Jtech laser.
I did not do the designs. I will have to find the guys name that did them, and has them on his websight for free download so I can give credit where it is do.
The lid.

The front, same on back.

The sides, as both are the same.

The inside.

I used some rough leather, and roughed the edges some, then tacked it down with copper cut tacks. The leather straps that hold the knives in place can be replaced if need be by simply running a new strap of leather, or whatever through holes in the leather.