Just got mine today, I have a wobbly Y rail

Just got mine today, was setting it up on the table and one of the Y rails does not sit flat, something to worry about? Or will screwing everything down straighten it out?


I remember reading about this in another post. I believe 1F instructed the owner to loosen the bolts that hold the aluminum bases to the steel tubes - it should relieve the torsion stress - then tighten the bolts again. I would contact 1F first to be sure. I will see if I can find the post which discussed this.


On the top and bottom of the Y end “foot” you’ll see two socket head cap screws. You can loosen them slightly and twist the Y rail until it’s flat. Then, tighten them back down and you’re all set.

Now - I had this happen to mine as well, but it turns out it was not the Y rail - it was my table top. My table wasn’t dead flat, and the right-side Y rail rocked a little. The left side Y rail was perfect, so I swapped them, and of course the wobble was still there on the right side, even though I swapped them. You can unscrew a couple of screws holding down the MDF tabletop you have there and add some shims between those 2x4’s and MDF top if it happens to be that your table isn’t dead flat in center or corner or wherever.

Hope this helps!


Surprisingly, that was the first thing I thought of and switched the place of the rails to see if it changed them, but sadly it did not. I will try your solution in the morning, thanks!

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There’s a video on how to fix this on our YouTube!

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Embarrassed to say I had not realized there was a Onefinity CNC YouTube channel.

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OK, you’re going to have to help me with this video location. I just checked the page and see 33 videos, none talking about my issue.

Thanks @ACNailedit. Helps if I read the whole reply. I missed the part about screws on the “top and bottom”. Once I had all loosened, it was easy to correct and sitting flush now!

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Playlists>Support videos>Removing Twist From The Onefinity Rails. (community created) - YouTube

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Awesome, glad to see it’s all set now!

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Thanks for posting that.
It looks like it was posted as unlisted which is why it did not show up on their video list page here - https://www.youtube.com/c/OnefinityCNC/videos

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All you need to do is unscrew the two screws on the bottom of the two feet. Get it straight and flat and retighten again.

It’s a small adjustment.