How much wobble is acceptable?

I am assembling my woodworking 1F. I spend the weekend building the workbench to set it one. I used high-quality 2x4’s and I think it came out pretty well. The top is MDF. I went to put the rails on and noticed there is an ever so slight wobble. I then put a 2nd piece of MDF on thinking that would level it out. It did not. Once I screw it in will it matter? I’m just thinking that if the rails are all parallel/perpendicular, even a little wobble will propagate down the line. Any similar experiences?

Hi Bryce
You are correct , wobble may contribute to inaccuracies with your final products. When you built this 2x4 frame did you include a shelf which is connected to the legs. If so , it is possible you could add some weight to the shelf. That may stabilize the table along with fastening it to the wall. A vertical panel fastened to the legs could help as well. Just a couple thoughts. Without seeing the table it is hard to give specific suggestions. Maybe you could add a couple photos.

Thanks for the ideas, wall anchors might be the way to go!