Keeping zero position

Hey Festdewalkita,

I don’t think you can say Buildbotics “is based on” LinuxCNC. You can say the Onefinity Controller is based on the Buildbotics Controller, because the Onefinity Controller is a software and a hardware fork of the Buildbotics Controller (bbctrl-firmware, bbctrl-pcbonefinity-firmware, onefinity-pcb).

But the Buildbotics Controller is a new CNC Controller written from scratch and not based on LinuxCNC. It would be rather correct to say, the Buildbotics Controller is based on the knowledge that its authoracquired when he was writing the Camotics 3D Simulation Software (Ref.: History of the Buildbotics Controller).

So you could only say Buildbotics is based on LinuxCNC the same way you would say that LinuxCNC is based on the FANUC CNC Mill Controller. In software, usually if you say “based on”, you mean that you somehow took the software and recycle some of the code. But the softwares mentioned here are not based on the other, the developers just tried to pattern their g-code dialect after the other.

Probably a typo by the original poster.