Laser pointer mount

Anyone know of a laser pointer attachment so I can align my bits with an exact point on my project? Thanks in advance.

If you have the JTech laser you can fire a direct no burn focused beam under MDI. There are steps to follow for this to happen.

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You can get a couple of these.

They’re similar to what I put on my CNC plasma. You’ll need to get rid of the bottom plate and perhaps tap a hole directly into the spindle mount or fab up a 3D printed part that you can mount the adjustable arm to.

Or if you want to fab up a full setup here’s a source for just laser pointers you could use.

In either case you’ll need a small battery source (I’d go with a couple of small 3V lithium coin cells & mount it on the Z carriage.

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Thank you guys. I’ll do some more research into it. Just looking to mount a dot laser so I can align it with a specific starting point on projects.

How do you plan to do that? The dot laser isn’t going to line up with the Jtech laser.

Do you have a 3D Printer?

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Nope i don’t have a 3d printer…

Its not for a laser. It’s so I can align my router up with specific points of a project…