Laser/ router job x,y once?

When your doing a project that uses both the laser and router how do you keep everything aligned? should i use the probe first to get x,y? Vcarve with laser mod…

here is a you tube video showing how to do hybrid projects
Vectric Laser Module Hybrid Project with J Tech Photonics 7W Laser

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in the 3 months of running my onefinitycnc I learned to set x and y once during a job. even running the probe in the same spot can give a different result. Im i asking for something impossible? is this not the way it should be? I would think this would be a offset or something. bunch of small cutout parts with laser engraving setting the x and y in just a hair different location is going to make everything off. This really makes the laser unusable to me. If i have to re setup my x and y i will just use my laser master 2 and save me some money.