Leadscrew wear?

Hello friends, Today while cleaning my machine after cutting some templates I noticed a steel wire curling out from where the Y axis leadscrew meets the delrin collar. I’m worried something became misaligned and is starting to wear. I’ve had no noticeable issues with my machine so far. Any help would be appreciated

I also wouldn’t use the machine until you’ve talked with 1F support! It appears the ball drive may be failing and further use may risk more damage.

Is the lead screw still smooth without worn spots or roughness? I seem to recall seeing a video somewhere about servicing the 1F lead screw drive. I might be worth a search until you hear from the support people.

Thanks, I’m just waiting for a response from 1F

Curious to what 1F will say about this. It doesn’t even seem like part of the ballscrew assembly, but I’m no expert on them.

That’s what they said. They thought it might be s stray stand that landed on the screw. In my shop that’s entirely possibly. Funny thing is it was stuck in between the collar and screw and took some force to remove it. I’m going to continue to run it and sees what happens.

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Since they don’t recognize it, I’m guessing it’s all good to go. G00 and all that good stuff! :laughing:

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