Leave on or power off?

Just wondering if 1F has any guidance on leaving the machine powered on and booted? I’ve generally left it powered on, only turning the display off when not in use, but I’ve recently noticed that the controller fan seems to run constantly.

Leaving it on when not using it for extended periods is possibly not very environmentally friendly.

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I agree! How nice that someone thinks about it.

Note: But not by simply switching the power off while the system is up. The Onefinity Controller is a computer and computers may write data at any time. Switching them off may result in corrupt SD card or onboard flash memory and leave the system unbootable. A computer must always be shut down and can safely be powered off only after terminating the shutdown.

Make sure you shut down the operating system correctly before you power down the Raspberry Pi.

Source: Raspberry Pi Documentation > Getting Started

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There is a shutdown button under the flyout menu to properly turn it off.
Leaving it on means the constant running fan it sucking in dust/debris in the shop. We recommend turning it off properly when not in use.


Thanks, that’s what I wanted to know.