Leg Kit and QCW Bolts

Hey Guys,

My leg kit arrived today so that I can be mobile with my Onefinity/QCW frame. I’ve started assembling it but I’ve run into an issue. The bolts on the QWC frame are not long enough to go through the legs/frame and attach the nut. See attached video.

I know most of you aren’t using the leg kit and have permanent tables but for anyone else who order this kit, can you let me know if you had the same issue? I’ve attached some photos to show you the area I’m talking about.

For some reason I can’t upload the video from my iPhone even though it’s the proper format. Maybe it’s too large?

there are longer bolts in the box

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I’ll have another look. They weren’t in the filler box but maybe they are on the very bottom of the main box. Thank you!! :facepunch::blush:

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I found them stuck between the filler box and the end of the main box. Good thing you suggested it or I would have thrown the box out.

I’m now at the stage of putting the Onefinity together on my QCW frame. I have a quick question about the bolts vs the screws. Why is there bolts for the X rails but screws for the Y rails? I’m afraid to use the screws since everything is so precisely machined.

Can you confirm that this is right and they aren’t supposed to be bolts? (See photo)