Onefinity Bolts vs Screws

Hi Guys,

I’m now at the stage of putting the Onefinity together on my QCW frame. I have a quick question about the bolts vs the screws. Why are there black machined hex bolts for attaching the X rails but blue screws for attaching the Y rails? I’m afraid to use the blue screws since everything is so precisely machined.

Can someone confirm that these are the correct screws to use and that

they aren’t supposed to be bolts? (See photo)



Those screws work good for getting things squared up as you may need to make adjustments during the process. After I got mine dialed in perfect - and I mean perfect -I then swapped out one on each of the 4 corners for through bolts. Your mileage may very…

Thanks for your response.

I should clarify. I have the QCW mounted to the Onefinity portable leg kit, not a permanent table.

So I’m wondering if maybe there are black bolts that are on my QCW frame that I can use? I’m confused. Lol



Those Y (blue) ones are if you are mounting just the normal frame to a table top. There are different ones to mount to the QCW. There should be other bolts provided to connect to the Stand if you bought that, or feet if you bought them for underneath the QCW.

DO NOT use the blue ones if you have a qcw and/or rolling folding leg kit.

What do I use though? There were no extra black bolts that came with the QCW or folding leg stand kit.

Do not use the blue screws, those are for people who secure the Y’s to a wooden table. You should have black bolts somewhere that you should use.

I had the same question when I put mine together a month ago and thought there’s no way the blue screws go in. Didn’t your qcw come with the bolts? You should have black bolts to secure those y’s in

Yeah… No… Those are concrete anchors made for masonry - I spotted, drilled and through-bolted my final setup.

If you don’t have the QCW frame, pocket screws with a #10 washer work great. (I can’t find who originally recommended it though.)

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