Lesson for someone!

So I just ordered my OF. I just got my router in. I can’t help out much, because I’m a newbie, so I thought I could help someone out. If you are in need of patience, we could change numbers. Mine is 13607, so if you would like to trade delivery dates with me. It would help out your patience.


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Well played, @oldmanvarmit!
Be careful though…13608 might take you up on it.:smirk:


Well, I might surprise you, but if you want my ticket for the end of March, I can interchange with you! This is a serious offer.
But there is an essential condition: the commitment by OF team to receive an 80mm mount for a 2.2kW spindle.
This is the only thing that could still make me wait: put an engine worthy of this machine. Every day, I look at the forum while waiting for the announcement of its availability to modify my order.
We never know…