Looking for a woodworker or journeyman

Looking for a cnc if you want to sell. I’m in the Texas area. I checked today and they are 2 months out on shipping anything.

Check the shipping updates thread. A buyer of 5/9 has a shipping date already, they appear to be far ahead of that schedule. When mine came a month ago, it was about 8 weeks not 12.

You also get your full 1 year warranty by buying new :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a woodworker that i was getting ready to list if you are still interested? I’m in the DFW area. I have quite a few extras too, custom built table, laser, etc… I can send you some pics if you want? Thanks!

yes, send them to my email. hlw91469@gmail.com and the price… $$

I just sent the email

hey i have one BRAND NEW
4000 grand in florida pick up or ship