Looking for Magswitch file

Does anyone have an SVG or vectric file with a cutout for a standard magswitch? I’ve been upgrading some of my table saw and bandsaw jigs and I think I’d like to use MagSwitches in them.

OMG did not know these existed. So cool!!! I am ordering some tooday. I dont know if you saw this vidieo but it shows the dimensions Woodworking Jigs & Workholding Tips w/ Magswitches - Featherboards and more! - YouTube I am going to create an svg file for the hole with flats but won’t be able to test until thay arrive.


Mag holder Cut 1.nc (26.6 KB)
Mag Holder Cut 2.nc (6.4 KB)
Here are the g code files for the mag switch 60 lb
Details 3" X 6" X 3/4" Stock, WCS bottom left, Cut 1 - 1/4" flat btm mill, Cut 2 - 1/8" Flat btm mill, cuts 2 mag holder spots as shown


If you really want to go down the rabbit hole you can 3D print these, there a several designs out there. Below are 2 that I have bookmarked. @scottjritt as I’m sure you noticed shortly after looking The Magswitches are crazy expensive. For about $8 in magnets you can build you own.

Happy Printing!

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