Loud Y Axis movement

I just got my OF this week.

While I was assembling my OF, I noticed that manually moving the Y axis was more difficult and noisy that I expected, at least compared to moving the X axis.

I connected a laptop to the OF controller (OF touch screen isn’t here yet) so I could power up the OF and run the machine via stepper motors to see if the noisy movement was just my imagination.

While jogging the Y axis, a loud, grinding (sort of) noise seems to come from the right ball screw nut. Short of taking the Y rail apart to investigate, does anyone have experience with a similar situation or ideas on what I should look for?

Machine is basically stock besides being set up with drag chains and the extension cables for X and Z.

Thank you

Keep in mind that Y has two steppers which would increase any sounds accordingly. However, having indicated the right side makes a grinding noise it might help if you could post a clip of that sound comparing it to the left side.