Low-speed high-torque spindles availble to the US?

Hi, everyone.

I am in the market for a low-speed, high-torque spindle to use with my inbound Onefinity Journeyman on steel.

I have read a few extremely helpful threads on this forum about machining steel and high-torque spindles.

One thread linked to an Austrian spindle manufacturer; I found a dealer, registered my address and was told they couldn’t ship to my address (in the US).

I have found a 4-pole and even an 8-pole 2.2kw liquid-cooled spindle on AliExpress, but I’ve never done business there before (perhaps it’s time to learn?)

I was wondering if anyone was aware of a U.S. or U.S.-shipping-friendly source for 4+ pole ~2.2kw liquid-cooled 240v spindle? I’m thinking to future-proof a bit with an ATC connector and then fit the tool holder with an ER20 or 25 collet and just do manual changes for now. (ATC feature is optional).

Any help, links or advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated!


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For anyone else following along or in the future, here is what I have found so far:

Europe: (must call to discuss arranging shipping to US) (source, thank you @Aiph5u!)



Currently, I am leaning toward either:

  • the GlockCNC solution, even though it’s less “plug & play” with the Onefinity (GlockCNC’s combined motor and headstock solution weighs 8.2kg (18lbs 2oz), so seems like it will work, if I am able to come up with an adapter plate for the Onefinity’s Z-axis). I like that it is BT30, as I would like to have the option to move to ATC in the future.
  • HFPD-8015-12-ER20 if I can get reasonable shipping to the US. The only price I have seen is 1680€ before shipping.

Any additional options, experience and/or advice welcome!


Hey U007D,

CNC Depot, which offers

High-precision, quality spindles, manufactured and supported in the Unites States!

makes the FM30F spindle (brochure), which is a

3 hp ISO30 220 V 12,000 rpm Steel Bearings (4-pole motor, for higher torque at lower rpm)

spindle with a ISO30 tool holder for automatic tool changer.

However it will not fit the Onefinity spindle mount, you’ll have to exchange your Z assembly by a universal Z axis assembly (see also here). See cncdepot’s downloads section for the spindle dimensions.


CNCDepot has an option but not water cooled - FM30F

FM series

Also look at Jianken (I have a JGL series ATC spindle - not 4 pole high torque low RPM). They have several options, but I would suggest contacting them to discuss your specific needs.


You beat me to it … :grinning:

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Hey Tom,

Only by coincidence. That happens when two people have the same research objective :slight_smile:

I had looked at GlockCNC quite a while ago as an option, but then decided I wanted to upgrade to an ATC spindle. I still visit their scratch and dent store from time to time :grinning:

I like their headstock designs, that they sell the motor/drive/pulley/mounts, and have options to upgrade - but the costs rise quickly. The one design challenge I find is making sure their is enough clearance for the pulley/motor assembly. My thinking at the time was to have it on the right or left to clear the x axis gantry, but wasn’t sure how that would impact clearance at the y axis rails. At the very worst you might lose a bit of x axis travel on the side the motor is mounted, but that may not be a big problem on the Journeyman given its width.

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They are offering a BT30 headstock now (I am not sure how long ago you looked) with either a drawbar or able to be hooked up to pneumatic ATC. If I go with GlockCNC, I would go with the BT30 because of the improved rigidity and dampening and the option to go full ATC in the future.

Thanks for the thoughts on clearance. I will check that out closely to understand to what degree I will have an issue.

Hey U007D,

I would ask for price directly at the manufacturer’s shop (HPFM, HPFD, ATC)). They ship to the U.S. and are consumer/hobbyist-friendly. They have a home page and even an ebay shop

By the way, you know this European Spindles Manufacturer List?

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Hey U007D,

This looks interesting, good type of motor and separate headstock, this is good for possible upgrades. Toothed belt gear reduction, low speed high torque for milling steel. What do you think would be the overall price? And do you think you can attach this to the Onefinity?

I priced one at $2512:

1,200 Watt CNC Controllable

  • GlockCNC Ribbed Pulley Options:
    • 2 Step 5 Rib Pulley
    • Extra Rib Belt 170mm
  • Other Options:
    • 220v Option


BT-30 Headstock Taig & Sherline

  • Bearing Choices:
    • ABEC-7 Sealed Angular Contact - Precision Matched DB Set
  • Tool Hold Draw Type:
    • Drawbar
  • Other Options:
    • 2 Step 5 Rib Pully (40mm + 60mm steps)
    • Spindle Arbor Balancing to 20,000RPM


Total $2,512.00

  • + an additional $247 for ATC Petal Clamp instead of the Drawbar I selected. (ATC will be a future upgrade for me).

In terms of attachment, that is the question. As long as I can devise a way to keep the motor mount from colliding with the X or Y gantry… I will probably have to CAD it up to be sure. I will post here if I can work up the mock.

Given that this was once on my list of possible upgrades, I would definitely like to see how your build progresses should you decide to go this route.

I’d be happy to, @TMToronto .

In favor of the GlockCNC solution, from my perspective:

  • selectable precision
    • from 12.5µm down to 2.5µm TIR
  • ABEC-3, 7 or 9 bearings with ceramic options
  • BT30 (notch preferred over friction of ISO 30 for high-torque applications)
    • can start with manual BT30 tool changes and upgrade to ATC for $250
  • “reasonable” cost :slight_smile:


  • not plug & play
  • not designed for Onefinity Journeyman
    • will probably have to make a Z-axis mounting plate; if only I had a CNC mill! :rofl:

The more I learn about spindles the less confident I am that simple “kits” with no specifications or datasheets will make me happy in the medium term, so I’m trying to buy my “next upgrade” now.

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I did not know about the EBay shop or the manufacturer list; thank you!

What did you end up going with?

I purchased a Jianken JGL series 2.2Kw 220VAC water cooled spindle. It is not for high torque low RPM applications, but I am hoping to use it for at least aluminum with conservative feeds and speeds. This is my first CNC, and I am using it as a learning opportunity - having learned a great deal already by building my own electronics and pneumatics around it and my Masso G3 controller.

I chose the spindle as it was one I could afford, but did spend a bit more to get my VFD - Hitachi WJ200 (same as Omron MX2) - which should be good for any future upgrades. My future ambition is to take my experiences and use my 1F Woodworker to help me build my next machine. Although I like the mechanics of the 1F - the main reason I chose it - I am anticipating it will not be rigid enough for the type of milling I would like to get into in the future. I look forward to proving myself wrong however :grinning:
I am almost ready to start milling with my new build - I just have to finish my retractable tool rack cover, and test the last of my safety circuits. I am very excited to see how it all works.

Hey U007D,

I agree with you that you probably get good quality with the Glockcnc compilation, suitable for milling steel (in a certain power class of course).

What I miss a bit with GlockCNC for an ATC option, is the HSK tool holder which is superior to the ISO tool holder. And as for ATC with ISO taper, they just say “we’re selling you the petal clamp” but actually I haven’t seen an ATC in action on their site - or did I miss it? It seems that their target group is mainly a non-ATC users group.

Hi, @Aiph5u,

Wow, thank you, the HSK tip is gold!!

You are correct, I have not seen GlockCNC’s ATC solution in action; I guess I am extending them some benefit of the doubt given the solid and in-depth information they have otherwise provided on their site.

I will definitely look in to HSK-based solutions, though before making a decision. Much appreciated, thank you!

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Thanks for this. I took a look at the Hitachi WJ200; it looks very nice and costs a bit more than some of the other options–what attracted you to that unit specifically? Does it have to do with the upgrades you plan in the future?

Hi, @Aiph5u,

I’ve inquired with Mechatron re: HFPM-8022-24-ER20. It is neither BT30 nor HSK, but should get me going with the ability to mill steel as well as other softer materials. I asked if it is available with HSK toolholder, but I expect the answer will be “no”. Interesting Mechatron offers adapters to ISO10, but for ~$1000, I suspect it will make more sense to buy a different spindle when the time comes for ATC.