Machine coordinates change after cycling power

I have a new Elite and it is my first CNC. I am having a problem with the machine coordinates.
After I home the machine, the machine coordinates are 0,0,0 as I would expect. I jogged the head to the very back (0,47,0) to work on the track and powered down.
Upon restart, the machine coordinates where 24,24, not sure Z.
This has happened many times since I powered it up for the first time a few days ago, I correct the issue by homing the PC and it works fine until the next time I cycle the power.

Any ideas?
Thank you

When you power on the CNC machine, it doesn’t retain its previous position from the last power down. As a safety precaution, it defaults to a central position, which is typically set as X=24 and Y=24. This default position allows you to manually jog the machine into a safe starting point before it recognizes the boundary limits and stops further movement.

To provide further clarity, CNC machines have two types of limits: “hard” and “soft” limits. A hard limit is typically a physical switch, known as a limit switch, that, when triggered, forces the machine to stop. Soft limits, on the other hand, are user-defined software limits that halt the machine’s movement when reached. The specific soft limit values can vary depending on the machine’s size and the software settings configured by the manufacturer. Hard limit switches, which are only available on the Elite series, should always stop the machine when triggered.

As mentioned, once you ‘home’ the machine, it establishes its exact position and becomes aware of its minimum and maximum boundaries. After homing, if you enable jogging mode at maximum speed and start moving any axis, the machine will automatically halt just before reaching the end of its travel to prevent potential damage.

Before initiating a homing sequence, it’s important to note that the machine provides a grace period for manual movements. However, exercise caution during this period to avoid collisions or mishaps before homing.

You might wonder why the machine doesn’t remember its previous position upon power-up. The main reason is that there’s no guarantee that someone didn’t manually adjust an axis between power cycles. This default behavior acts as an added safety measure.

Always remember to home your machine, it’s free!


Thank you for taking the time for this thorough reply. It makes total sense as you explained it.