Machine Didn't Retract - Trouble Shooting

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Got my machine - set it up, flattened my spoil board - everything working great. Went to cut my first project file last night - and the first two layers of pocketing worked great. It was on the third, and was about to do rapid move - but the Z Axis didn’t retract. Thankfully I was right beside the machine, turned around and hit the estop before it broke the bit. I can see the rapid move (or at least I think I can) in the simulation from Carbide Create.

My question is - how do I trouble shoot why it didn’t retract on this go around. It hadn’t finished the layer, my retraction for the tool was 0.5" but the depth of the total cut was only 0.375 (I could be wrong in my assumption, but that should allow me more than enough clearance). One other thing, it almost seems like the board moved - but I had to undo the clamps, peel off the tape to get the board up (so I don’t think it was that.)

I’ve attached a picture of the “crash” and the simulation from Carbide Create. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Crash (2)

What does the controller simulation show (also have you run it in camotics?)

Are you sure that’s a rapid move? The cut on the board doesn’t look like a straight rapid, it looks like a curve.

You could try an air cut with the same toolpath and a quiet shop.

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So I just downloaded Camotics - and it replicates the simulation that Carbide provided (that shouldn’t have happened.)

Based on the simulation, it should have continued around the outer profile of the 3rd layer and continued to clean up the last cut to finish that layer (not sure if that makes sense or not). But the movement makes no sense whatsoever - the jagged cuts is what I’m referring to.

As for the rapid move comment - the spot where it started the cleanup of that edge (and tracing around the prior cut) - is where it would plunge in and then begin (the higher speed motions occur going to this point from the spot before).

I am going to install a webcam and try to record the same program tonight - see if I can figure it out. I will also use a larger piece of wood to test with - and screw down rather than clamps and double sided tape.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Camotics should be 1:1 with the driver that the contoller is using. I wonder if there was a miss step situation on the rapid lift? If it does it again slow the rapid down and see if it happens again.