Machine Keeps Disconnecting (SOLVED)

I setup the wifi on the machine using the controller to my shop wifi and then using the assigned IP address on the controller I log in via my browser on my shop computer. I can use the machine no problem but every time I come out to the shop hours later, say in the late evening, my browser page shows “disconnected”. I then have to go back into the controller for my machine, re-enter my wifi credentials, get a new IP address, and then go back to my browser on my computer. Is there anyway to keep my machine connected to my wifi without having to re-enter the credentials or is there a way to save the wifi settings on my machine? Or do I have to assign my machine a static IP address??


Have a look at this thread, it may help you.

Static IP Address

Not sure why you would need to re-enter all the WIFI info repeatedly. Not sure a static IP will fix that. Is there a signal problem? Are you far from the WIFI AP?


No I’m about 20 ft away. I have a router set up as an access point in the shop

There is a thread about signal strength and using a repeater, but if you are only 20’ away in a relatively unobstructed area, signal strength shouldn’t be a problem.

Here is a few questions:

How old is your router?
How far away is it?
How many walls or objects are between the router and the controller?

2 months
It’s line of sight to my machine

What is the model of router?

I’m connect with ethernet and mine disconnects frequently as well. I also have a static IP reserved for my controller… any ideas anyone?

How far away is your router? and how old is it?

It’s connected by Ethernet so distance should not factor. The router is a TPlink Deco, six months old with 5 wired access points.

It shouldn’t disconnect from Ethernet unless there is a problem with the cable. Have you tried a new cable or the same cable (and port) with a different computer?

a small nix in the line can cause this also. I build my own cables “IT Guy and app developer”

I am seeing this as well. The first controller I had would randomly disconnect - sometimes while running a job, sometimes while sitting idle. Then it started quitting jobs entirely in the middle of the carve.

They sent me a new controller and it hasn’t quit yet, but I am still seeing random ‘disconnected’ messages for a few seconds and then it goes back to normal. Holding my breath during each carve is getting a little nerve-wracking.

I can add to this as well, I am directed connected, replaced routers, cables, and disabled the wifi, still no joy. The only way I can reestablish communication is to reboot the controller. The controller is still working because i can control it with both the touch screen and the usb mouse. This has been an issue for some time, it would be nice to have it resolvable.


I am seeing the dark translucent disconnected message as well. The job pause for a tool change. then when i try to zero the z-axis it says disconnected. i unpause the job it works. I am running 1.08 firmware i think the issue is the software because if it was completely disconnected nothing would work it is faux disconnected. it isn’t really disconnected but it thinks it is disconnected for some reason and it won’t let me re-zero. It is a huge pain and i want to understand how to remedy the issue.

its fixed in 1.0.9, please install it.


i downloadedthe file and unzipped it. it appears as a .tar not .tar.bz2

don’t unzip it, per the instructions.