Lose Wifi Each Time

I setup my wifi, reboot and it connects no problem. The issue is that the next time I use my 1f it doesn’t seem to retain the wifi settings. Any ideas?

Your too far away from the router/extender.

Ok. It’s odd that it has no problem connecting when I enter the settings. It reboots and connects with no issue. Wouldn’t the SSID and password still be there even if it couldn’t connect?

Are you properly shutting it down or just powering off

Properly shutting down.

Was having the same issue, but seems to have corrected itself. the 1f controller was changing its ip address each time I rebooted. would be either or . . The control screen sometimes does not show the ip , so I have to guess on my laptop browser.

I got home from work today to find my son using the CNC; love it. He said it connected to wifi today. Maybe it fixed itself.

That’s actually the router doing that. The TTL (time to live) setting for IP addresses given out by the router is usually 1 week. So it could change if you didn’t use the machine before it expired and it got another address. You can adjust the setting from seconds to near forever days depending on the router mfg.

Or, set it as a static address. You’ll need the MAC address of the 1F controller and you add that to the static IP table in the router along with whatever IP address you want it to have. Then whenever it reboots it will get the address you assigned.

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