Magnetic Phone Holder

Promised my daughter a phone holder and finally settled on this. Dome (base) and head CNCed from white oak. The links were cut from .1" aluminum sheet. First attempt on the aluminum cut a little rough - dumped the 3-flute cutter for a single flute and solved that problem. Tumbled and polished the links to spruce them up a bit. Tightened the barrel nuts just enough that the links can be repositioned and still hold their place.


She’s now the coolest kid around with this custom phone holder. That would make an awesome addition to anyone’s office desk or night stand. Might have to borrow this idea. Thanks for sharing.

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That’s amazing!

may I ask what wireless charger is that?

That was just some mag-safe knock off I found on Amazon. That particular one seems to not be available anymore. You can always spring for the Apple one (assuming you’re making it for an iPhone) - looks the same, probably works a bit better.