My First Project: New Aluminum Display Mount

I decided to jump right into aluminum for my first project. The standard display mount was a bit shaky in my opinion, so I machined a new aluminum mount with a 1/4 threaded center to accommodate standard photography mounting hardware. Built this in Adobe Illustrator, created the G Code in Carbide Create, and used an Amana HSS1630 1/8 bit.


She’s a beaut Watkins!

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Nice Watkins! Yeah that turned out great!

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Thanks guys. I know it’s a tiny project, but it really boosted my confidence as a beginner.

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Good Job!

I like to break the edges with a tumbler, finish with a sandblast and quick anodize to lock it in.

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I’ve done a little nickel plating, but anodization would be very neat. Difficult?

This guy does a pretty good job of explaining the basics.

Is that with the makita router or spindle?

The little Makita. Go Vols!

I don’t think it’s difficult, though I just send mine out.

That’s a good video ConvenientWoodwork suggested.

I think it looks great! Do you use oil when you cut aluminum? If so any tips? Thanks

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Looks great. Did you tap the 1/4" hole by hand after machining the part?

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I do not. I haven’t encountered any problems yet, but I keep the ipm and doc modest.

Yep, I Cnc’d the hole and then tapped the threads by hand.