Making a Large Set Piece for a Musical

Two local schools in my area were prepping for the same theatre show: Matilda Jr. Both schools needed an entrance gate for the school at the center of the musical: Crunchem Hall. The gate needed to be large and somewhat imposing. My friend and I decided to make a gate for them, and made it so that they could use it for years to come for any production that needs a gate. We decided to place a large medallion with the school’s name at the center of the gate. We made the medallion using a 2ft x 2ft piece of MDF, created the design in Carbide Create, then cut it using a CNC. The school can actually change out the medallion and easily replace it. I may make their school’s logo next so that it can be used for more than just stage productions.

If you want to see a quick, 3.5 minute build of the entire gate and medallion, check it out here: Making a Gate for Matilda's Crunchem Hall - YouTube