Making multible pieces from one piece

I just just started playing around with my carve co subscription that i got with my x50. I am a total newbi. Just wondering can I take a 10x10 piece of wood, cut out an octogon, move in say 3/4’ cut another one, move in 3/4’ cut another one etc. all in one program or will each one need its own program. also if it’s possible would you start inside out, smaller to bigger or outside in bigger to smaller. I would have bridges on each one. thanks

You can do this all in one program. I would typically start at the middle and work my way out assuming my clamping method would be on the outside of the stock, if you’re going to use something like double sided tape/blue tape with CA glue to hold it down then you could work in either inside out or outside in. Keep in mind that Carveco will want you to specify which side of the line you’re cutting so if you’re using a .250 endmill that would be added to or subtracted from the size of your part as you go.

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ok thanks. I thought I could. I have alot of learning to do and yes I’m aware of allowing for bit size. I have to get use to the terminogy and the tools first. thanks again