Masso G3 ATC (mini) build update - successful thread milling

With the recent completion of my vacuum fixture base, with the ability to once again mount my SMW fixture plate and vise, I was able to begin experimenting with thread milling.

I had put a lot of time and effort into researching F360 thread mill machining parameters and was excited to try out a few toolpath trials. The thread milling resources provided on the NYCCNC website and their instructional YT videos were particularly helpful, especially to understanding the need to calculate and modify feed rates and pitch diameter offsets.

I am excited to share a video that shows the machining of my first successful M6 threads - first practicing in machining wax, and finally in aluminum. This is really the last of the tool paths that I needed to develop, as many of the projects I have planned have threaded holes in aluminum and acrylic. It was also one I was the most nervous about given the delicate size and geometry of the single form thread mill I am using. The following video is a bit longer (5 minutes) because it shows machining in wax and aluminum, as well as the drilling of 5 mm holes, a chamfer, and of course thread milling.

Here is the YT link for those interested: Successful thread milling - YouTube


Thanks for sharing TMToronto,
I’ve see the thread milling toolpath in Aspire and seen the thread milling tools on Amazon, was curious about it but never actually seen it done. I’d like to try it myself someday but there are other priorities on my list for now.

After watching your video I did a search of how to use the threading toolpath in Aspire and found this tutorial.

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Thank you for sharing the video. In the future I also plan to mill wood projects, and at that point I was planning to invest in a Vectric product - not sure I will need or will be able to afford Aspire. I think the software will be a nice compliment to F360, but from watching the video, I can see that there will be a little bit of a learning curve for me :grinning: