Masso G3 ATC build update - aluminum toolpaths, locating pin slip fit, surface finishes

I shared this in the FB group, but am adding it here in case those not active there would also be interested.

I put together my Masso Woodworker ATC build with the intention of milling wood, and aluminum in particular. After finishing my upgrades I am preparing for my first project - an aluminum vacuum pallet system. I am learning to use F360 CAM now, and my first job involves creating slip fit holes for my 9.525 mm (3/8") steel locating pins. With machine rigidity and tool deflection being the greatest hurdles, I know that the success of all aspects of this project will depend on my optimizing toolpaths and their various parameters. With that said, I have been successful. I now have a ‘recipe’ that will work, and the results are better than expected. Here is a link to a short video showing the fit - Locating pin slip fit test - YouTube

I also recently finished creating the toolpaths I need for my aluminum vacuum pallet. Here is a short video of the results of the practice runs - Vacuum pallet practice tool path results - YouTube The added pictures below are the result of the finish I was able to get after my surfacing toolpath. Half has been polished, the other half shows the finish right after milling. You can just barely make out the remaining tool mark ‘arcs’ at the bottom of the polished half.