Masso G3 Touch Elite

OK, does anyone know whats the deal with the Masso G3 touch g code preview. It scrolls as the code/Job is running but when it hits greater then 2000 lines the preview stops but the job continues ok?
Line count at the top keep moving but preview just stops?

New Elite Foreman with firmware 5.06

It designed that way as it stops there when the memory buffer is reached.
There will be a change to this limitation in new firmware - may even be in BETA right now.

Maybe others are already testing it and can answer that.

Thanks, No talk about this in the user manual? A little goofy for a 4K machine?
Always something?

To be fair it is not the machine but the controller…

Ok but the controller is $1.2K just saying…

Absolutely, and this feature has been asked for for a while.
Happily it is being added now.